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Active release

Active Release Technique

Active release technique, otherwise known as ART, is a technique that focuses on non-invasive nerve and soft-tissue treatment. After just your first treatment, you will feel an immense reduction of pain and discomfort. This technique is one that not only eases your pain, but finds the root of the problem which makes for better treatment plans and quicker recovery.

A.R.T. Treatments (Active Release Technique) Englewood CO
Webster Chiropractic Technique Englewood CO

Webster Technique

The Webster Technique is a great way to get adjusted when you are expecting! It is a safer technique that is gentle on both you and the baby! This technique involves assessing the low back and pelvis for any dysfunction and adjusting those areas. By doing this, we make sure that you and your baby are in the optimal position for a healthy pregnancy. Receiving chiropractic care during this time can help alleviate nausea, back pain, can reduce delivery time, and can even prevent you from possibly needing a cesarean delivery. Overall, the Webster Technique can provide you with a healthier pregnancy.

Foundation Training

Here at The Edge Chiropractic Center, Dr. Joe Botkin is a certified instructor in Foundation training. Foundation training is a process in which you teach your body to start using muscles differently and correct imbalances. This is done by tapping into your natural strengths and abilities using body-weight exercises that train you to distribute the use of your muscles to more than one area. Over time, it will improve your posture and change the way you move, bringing you up on the wellness scale.

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