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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care and Webster Technique in Englewood, CO

Dr. Joe has gone through extensive training to become a Webster certified prenatal chiropractor through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

It is pretty safe to assume that the goal for any pregnant mother is to have a comfortable pregnancy and a safe delivery for both mom and baby. The goal with the Webster Technique is to achieve just that. A mom’s body changes very rapidly during pregnancy and it is important to ensure that as your baby grows inside of you they have room to thrive.

Pregnancy Chiropractor Englewood CO

Another really great reason to come in and see us for chiropractic care during pregnancy is as your baby grows your center of gravity shifts, causing a change in posture that can gradually become more and more uncomfortable. Many women also experience neck pain, back pain, hip pain, and pain in general from their pregnancy. As hard as pregnancy already is it can only help to come in and get readjusted/aligned for your comfort and a better pregnancy experience overall.

Even after pregnancy can be a great time to see a chiropractor. After childbirth, many women’s bodies are changed and they start to experience discomfort in the lower back, hips, neck, and more. It can’t hurt to see someone gain the most comfort possible.

The Edge Chiropractic Center has the specialized equipment, techniques, and tools to make getting adjusted effective, safe, and comfortable for both mom and baby. Schedule your free consultation for chiropractic care during pregnancy so you can sit down with Dr. Joe to have your questions answered and how we can help with your pregnancy!

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Family Care

Children as young as minutes old can benefit from a chiropractic adjustment. It can be beneficial to conduct a “pediatric chiropractor near me” search and take your baby in even only days after being born. During the process, they are checked for misalignments and any new nerve interference. Going through the delivery process can be traumatic for a baby regardless of the style of delivery. That’s why it is a great idea to have your baby checked by your chiropractor! Babies can experience symptoms such as digestion issues, trouble with nursing, colic, and decreased range of motion or favoring looking to one side. Another great reason to bring your baby in is it could also make them less fussy!

Babies aren’t the only ones who also would benefit from this but as well as toddlers. As your kids become bigger and begin to walk, run, jump, they fall. Over time injuries can add up and if untreated can cause discomfort.

Watching your child grow into a toddler is an amazing part of life, but with this growth falling, and injuries are inevitable. By taking your child to the chiropractor to work on all the added-up injuries it can only increase the physical wellness of your child. On top of this as your child becomes more mature their posture could become worse, sports injuries, awkward sleeping positions, and more. This accumulation can become incredibly uncomfortable.

Adjusting a baby is very different from adjusting an adult. Imagine testing the ripeness of an avocado at the store, that’s about as much pressure that is needed. There are also no twists or pops that are needed for babies so it is very gentle and safe. By starting your child off with a good base for life it is only beneficial for their overall well-being to continue to keep up with chiropractic appointments to keep everything aligned and at maximum comfort.

If you are looking for a Pediatric Chiropractor “near me” in Englewood, CO, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information, we are happy to answer your questions!

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